Ayurveda and Acne

A holistic Ayurvedic approach combining lifestyle and skincare tips can be very helpful in managing and preventing acne.

Gotu Kola: The Anti-Aging Skincare Elixir

Gotu Kola is considered to be the plant of knowledge. It is highly regarded in Ayurveda as the herb of longevity and ...

5 Ideas for Summer Self-Care

Lighten up your summer skincare regimen with a gentle cleanser, add an exfoliator and do not forget to pamper the body

Ayurveda and Haircare

According to Ayurveda, our hair is influenced by our dosha type and proper care can lead to long term hair health. No...

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

Aromas have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body.

8 Ways to Live Ayurveda

Ayurveda helps us to be our healthiest and happiest by living in harmony with nature.

Nurture your skin during winter

Winter is actually the best time of year to nourish the skin, because the skin is dryer and more receptive in winter....

Summer is here, is your skincare ready?

During summer, the heat of this Pitta season adds to the Agni, or internal fire. This is a great time to check our Do...

Neem - The Magic Ingredient to Heal Skin

Known as India's pharmacy tree, the Neem tree is revered for its many healing effects on the body, spirit and mind.
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