Essential Oils: The 'Foundation' of Skincare


Essential Oils are super concentrated extracts that contain the plant’s essence, flavor and scent. These oils are extracted using different methods from all the parts of the plant like flowers, leaves, fruits, bark and so on. Essential Oils contain high concentrated levels of active ingredients. Imagine this, it takes approx. 5000 rose petals to make just 2 drops of pure rose oil!

Essentials oils have been historically used for aromatherapy to boost mood, ease stress, relieve pain, combat cold and induce better sleep.


Using essential oils on the face can help in balancing the natural oil production of our skin. Active ingredients in essential oils help the skin to maintain hydration and achieve a radiant, glowing look. Oils penetrate deep thus protecting the skin and delivering nutrients that help in addressing the individual’s concerns like dryness, breakout and so on.


Ayurvedic practice teaches that individuals are a unique combination of three elements or doshas found in nature. Vata (Air+Space), Pitta (Fire+Water) and Kapha (Earth+Water) are essential properties, which combine to form one’s skin, body and mind type. The goal is to achieve a balanced lifestyle where all doshas or elements in one’s body are equal.

Balanced Doshas are exemplified through smooth, clear, beautiful and radiant skin.

Once we understand our unique dosha and the elements they are made of and the qualities that each of the dosha is related to, it is easy to pick the right essential oils for our dosha.

Not sure of your Dosha? Click the image below


Staying true to the deep Ayurveda inspirations, our facial essential oils are sophisticated blends of dosha balancing oils with pleasing aromatic bouquets. These essential oils are pre-blended in carrier oils and ready for use from the bottle.

Essential Oil for Dry (Vata) Skin
A luxurious and therapeutic blend of the purest Rose Oil and Orange Oil in a carrier blend of Sweet Almond and Sesame Oil absorbs instantly into dry skin helping to smooth and soften skin, fading the appearance of fine lines.

Essential Oil for Combination (Pitta) Skin
A stimulating blend of the purest Jasmine Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil controls sebum and purifies the skin for a smooth, radiant finish. Ylang Ylang Oil has great oil controlling properties, Rose Oil soothes skin, Jasmine Oil cleanses and purifies and Sandalwood Oil acts as a natural anti-microbial to control acne causing bacteria.

Essential Oil for Oily (Kapha) Skin
This non-clogging blend of stimulating Peppermint Oil and astringent Rosemary Oil tones and restores oily skin for a radiant finish. Carrier blend of Safflower seed oil with Sweet Almond Oil softens and increases skin suppleness.


Use on moist face after cleansing. Apply a drop of oil each to tips of index finger, middle and ring finger of the right hand. Touch finger tips of right hand to the fingertips of the left hand. This spreads the oil to finger tips on the left hand. Tap all your fingertips over the entire face. Oil will get absorbed rapidly into skin. Just 3 drops per application is enough. May be used both AM/PM.


"Beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror."
Rabindranath Tagore

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