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note to beautiful self

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sundari, in sanskrit: beauty as an experience and an endeavor, not an object to attain.

Finding beauty, requires balance.

This is a journey that millions of women over thousands of years have taken. Only when your interior is at rest, are you ready to address what most consider the sole focus of beauty: the physical self.

People who use Sundãri consistently experience noticeable results. They seek, and achieve, beauty through balance—preventing the effects of premature aging, staying younger looking.

note to beautiful self

— 2 —

sundãri is the goddess of beauty. she is honored for her symmetry, strength and grace.

The goddess within.

In the Vedic tradition, that which we see is only part of the picture. Radiance isn’t something that can be “applied twice daily.” It comes from within. Inspired by the rich history of Ayurveda, and sister schools of yoga and holistic practices. Inspiring balance among mind, body and spirit, Sundãri is formulated to enhance what is naturally beautiful.

note to beautiful self

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sundãri blends modern science for immediate results, with botanicals known through ancient wisdom

Being well inside, reads beautiful outside.

Modern science has rediscovered what thousands of years of tradition have known. Being well within, begets beautiful skin. While it’s unrealistic to avoid stress altogether, you can be certain you are promoting healthier, more supple skin with only the purest ingredients available today.

note to beautiful self

— 4 —

sundãri is created from the purest ingredients and the most-rare essences distilled from nature.

Introducing the ingredients of aging well.

It’s a conscious choice to use certain ingredients. Beauty in balance means that growing older is not something to be feared but embraced. What is to be prevented is pre-mature aging and stresses to the skin and body. Formulated with organic ingredients, the elements of aging gracefully are intrinsic to our products.

note to beautiful self

— 5 —

sundãri subscribes to the philosophy of what is good for the skin should also be good for our planet

Made with care, sustainable.

Products do not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, and mineral oils. Naturally occurring essential oils create the sensual bouquets of scent. The packaging is recyclable with the intent of minimizing our footprint on nature. Our products are never tested on animals.


Ayurveda is the oldest complete medical system in the world today. Consistently and quietly for the last 5000 years it has been sharing the secrets of flawless skin with anyone who is willing to take the time to go deeper than the surface layer and discover what really makes a lasting difference.

The word is from Sanskrit, the sacred language of India. Ayur comes from the noun ayus meaning - life, longevity, or living. Veda comes from the verb vid meaning - science, to study, or knowledge. The word Ayurveda is commonly translated as meaning: Science of life or Knowledge about living.

The definition of health in Ayurveda is derived from a world view of a harmonious working of the three components of being - body, mind and soul.

Discover Your Dosha

Ayurvedic practice teaches that individuals are a unique combination of three elements or Doshas found in nature. Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth) are essential properties, which combine to form one’s skin, body and mind type. The goal is to achieve a balanced lifestyle where all Doshas or elements in one’s body are equal.

Balanced Doshas are exemplified through smooth, clear, beautiful and radiant skin. Dosha diagnosis is simply Ayurveda way of determining where one’s skin care needs are. SUNDÃRI products are founded on this principle and reveal that a person’s skin condition is a direct reflection of one’s lifestyle.

Let us help you find your Dosha

The Elephant Logo

The tusked giant is the enlightened one. He represents the soul of our intention and the spirit of our enterprise. The elephant is the symbol of SUNDÃRI, the essence of our collective consciousness.

In Indian cosmology, elephant is a manifestation of all that is beautiful and powerful in the universe. His breadth embodies the vastness of the cosmos, his trunk, curves upward, a sign of victory. A commanding yet gentle presence, the elephant empowers others with his might. He replaces difficulty with ease and struggle with grace. He guides us on our journey, a symbol of holism, of the earth and the forces of nature.

Save The Elephant

SUNDÃRI supports the Elephant Family, a UK charity working to protect the Asian elephant and its habitat.

The Asian elephant is a keystone species. By saving them, we help many other endangered animals that share their forest homes including tigers, orangutans, hornbills and rhinos. The Asian elephant holds a special place in the animal kingdom: it is at the center of a web of life that plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of the landscape around it. If the elephant goes, entire ecosystems will be lost with it.

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