Abhyanga: An Ayurvedic Self Massage

Abhyanga (pronounced ah-bhee-yahn-gah), is a soothing massage ritual that promotes overall health and well-being. As a part of daily practices, Abhyanga has roots in Ayurvedic tradition going back thousands of years. Introducing a frequent self-massage in our routine can help in delivering so many benefits including:

  • Decrease in muscular tension and better circulation
  • Improved skin texture/tone and lubrication of joints
  • Better sleep and mental alertness
  • And, most significantly - a sense of self-love

While Abhyanga can be administered by a trained therapist, but with simple and intentional steps it can be equally enjoyed as a self-massage at home. An Abhyanga massage means that the whole body is anointed thoroughly with warm aromatic oils.

Here is a simple Abhyanga regimen that can be practiced at home on a regular basis –

  • Select a suitable body oil and warm it to a comfortable temperature. SUNDÃRI offers a choice between the Gotu Kola and Lotus Body Oil or the Neem and Triphala Body Oil
  • Be seated in a warm and relaxed area with a handy towel to wipe away any excess oil
  • Pour a small amount of oil on your palm and start with massaging the neck, shoulders, ears and scalp. Use firm strokes.
  • Now massage the chest, abdomen and back using circular clockwise strokes that move away from the heart.
  • With every stroke, remind yourself of the positive intention during the entire experience
  • Move to the hands and feet, keeping in mind to massage the fingers and toes as well
  • Sit for 10-20 minutes to let the oil absorb into the skin.
  • Finish with a warm shower. Use a Gotu Kola and Carrageenan Body Cleanser to remove the excess oil if necessary.

Consider playing some light music or enjoying the scent of a Chameli candle during this routine.

Let's start today! 

Abhyanga should be resorted to daily. It wards off old age, exertion, and aggravation of Vata.
— Ashtanga Hrdayam: Sutrasthana: II: 8-9
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