5 Ideas for Summer Self-Care

With warmer weather and longer hours of day light in the Northern Hemisphere it seems natural to slow down just a little and take time get outside and free yourself from the intensity. If this sounds like a good idea but somehow does not come naturally to you here are a few ideas to remind you how life could be if you could...

  • Smell the flowers, be in the moment. Listen to the sounds of nature and be nourished by her colors. Visit places where you can see an expanse of water or a forest
  • Remember the 3 Rs : Rest, Relaxation and Recreation – do it! Paste these 3 Rs on your refrigerator as a gentle reminder
  • Choose to exercise at cooler times of day and follow it up with a long cool shower

Lighten up your summer skincare regimen with a gentle cleanser, add an exfoliator and do not forget to pamper the body

  • Abandon the evening news and listen to peaceful music. Meditate as regularly as you can. Little and often is better than hours on retreat
  • Surround yourself with cooling colors such as creams and the pastel shades. Wear light clothing made of natural fabrics that breathe e.g. cottons, linen, bamboo and hemp
 Stay cool, Stay joyful this summer!
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