Ayurveda tips for a fun-filled Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! It is the most wonderful time of the year – family get togethers, endless shopping, surprise gifts and unbounded joy going around. We take a welcome break from the daily routines and celebrate our traditions.

Ayurvedic wisdom guides us to promote wellbeing and balance in our lives. Let’s take a moment and reinforce this guiding principle to enjoy this holiday season in the best possible manner. Here are three quick tips –

Spend Wisely

    Believe it or not, our dosha plays a prominent role in how we spend and save. Vata dosha does not hesitate to take out that plastic and swipe it. Pitta dosha is evaluative and seeks to know the benefit of the decision to spend or save, while Kapha folks are the biggest savers ever. A simple tip is to exercise mindfulness in our spending decisions and finding a happy balance between excessive splurging or saving everything.

    Not sure of your Dosha? Click the image below

    Feast Intelligently

      The delight from those hearty dinners, parties and seven course restaurant meals create lifelong memories, but….there is always a lingering feeling reminding us that we might have over-indulged. Without sacrificing the fun that feasting brings, we can counter the impact that rich and excessive food can have on our bodies. Being aware of portion size, drinking warm water with lemon to aid digestion and making choices of fresh over processed foods, can promote a good balance.

      Cherish Infinitely

        Remember, rejoice and renew all the relationships during this special time of the year. These relationships are not limited to family and friends, but extend to our relationships with the environment, community, workplace and every arena that we touch directly or indirectly. Also, take a moment to remember those who are not amongst us today. Every now and often, take a ‘just-for-me’ break. Deep breath in...slow breath out. Tune-in to your own self, even for a minute, you will feel energetic.

        “Life is a festival only to the wise”
        - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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