Ayurveda tips for a fun-filled Holiday Season

Use these 3 Ayurveda tips to enjoy this Holiday Season and promote balance and well-being.

Ayurveda Guide to Healthy Winter Skin

While Ayurveda explains the root cause of these skin symptoms accurately, this vast body of traditional knowledge als...

Ayurveda Tips for the Fall

Ayurveda describes Fall as the season of Vata, with the qualities of dry, erratic, cool and light. It is a great time...

5 Ideas for Summer Self-Care

Lighten up your summer skincare with a gentle cleanser, an exfoliator and do not forget to pamper the body

Nurture your skin during winter

Winter is actually the best time of year to nourish the skin, because the skin is dryer and more receptive in winter....

Summer is here, is your skincare ready?

During summer, the heat of this Pitta season adds to the Agni, or internal fire. This is a great time to check our Do...
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