Summer is here, is your skincare ready?

With the summer season approaching, this would be a great time to talk about detoxing the body. Ayurveda teaches that the origins of disease, illness, fatigue and emotional distress are when toxic substances build in the body/mind as a result of stress, poor digestion, sluggish elimination, toxic exposure, weak metabolism or all of the above.

During summer, the heat of this Pitta season adds to the Agni, or internal fire. This is a great time to check our Doshas again to determine changing skincare needs

This substance, called ama is a sticky white substance, (check your tongue for it first thing in the morning) which can be easily eliminated from the body. The first step is to strengthen the abilities of all your systems to efficiently process and digest all forms of information taken from the environment. Not just what we drink and eat, but also emotions, facts and ideas.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and proper care and nurture of the skin goes a long way for our overall health and wellness. Try the dosha test again to assess your skincare needs.

Enjoy the summer!

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