Nurture your skin during winter

Winter doesn't have to be hard on skin. Winter is actually the best time of year to nourish the skin, because the skin is dryer and more receptive in winter. In warmer times of the year, the skin is busy detoxifying, and therefore less absorbent.

Skin appears to age in winter because it is Vata season. The symptoms in this beautiful time of year are dryness, cracking, dullness and roughness of the skin. Winter increases the dry, cold, rough, and coarse qualities of Vata dosha. If you are by nature of Vata constitution, or eating a Vata-aggravating diet and living a Vata-aggravating lifestyle or are in the Vata time of life (50+), the effect is more amplified.

Some winter conditions actually cause heat to build up in the skin. If the temperature is below freezing, but not windy, internal heat builds up and Pitta dosha becomes imbalanced. This results in increased sensitivity, acne, rashes, or redness.

A third winter skin condition occurs when the weather is cold and wet, causing Kapha dosha to increase and resulting in oily, heavy skin. This usually occurs in late winter, although in some climates, it can be cold and damp all winter long. Toxins tend to accumulate, which may make the skin dull and the pores clogged, and may also cause breakouts.

Here are some helpful hints for nourishing your dosha/skin type in all three winter weather conditions:

Not sure of your Dosha? Click the image below

For Vata Skin

Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Daily oil massage; try our body oils
  • Use natural fabrics such as silk or wool
  • Walking or other light enjoyable exercise
  • Floral or herbal baths using essences of rose and lavender

Dietary Suggestions

  • Cook with cumin, coriander and turmeric
  • Eat plenty of cooked, leafy green vegetables

For Pitta Skin  

Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Daily oil massage with a cooling oil - try an oil with coconut
  • Brisk exercise
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun

Dietary Suggestions

  • Eat lots of sweet, juicy fruits
  • Cook with cumin, coriander, fennel and licorice
  • Avoid hot spicy foods

For Kapha Skin

Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Drink warm water through the day
  • Daily warm oil full-body massage
  • Exfoliate non-facial skin periodically - try our body exfoliators

Dietary Suggestions

  • Cook with ginger, blackpepper, turmeric, cumin and coriander
  • Avoid skipping meals

Take advantage of the winter season to make your skin healthier and more vibrant.

Stay well, stay warm!


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