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Signature Facial

Organic active ingredients are custom-blended, based on a personal dosha assessment, for intensive exfoliation, nutrient infusion and a renewed moisture balance; our pressure point stimulation for the face along with lymphatic stimulation completes the experience, creating healthy, radiant skin. 60 minutes

Step 1

Bindi Touch 1 min

Essential Oil for Dry Skin, 1 drop
Inhalations, Bindi touch on the third eye, compress shoulders

Watch the Bindi Touch technique video

Step 2

Cleansing 2 min

Gentle Gel Cleanser, 1/8 tsp
Mix cleanser with water to create lather and gently clenase face and neck. Remove with hot towels.

Step 3

Second cleanse and Toner 2 min

Comfrey Cleanser, 1/4 tsp
Apply and gently massage over face and neck. Add water as necessary. Remove with hot towels.
Rose and Lemon Water
Lightly mist tonic water all over face, blot if necessary.

Step 4

MarMassage 10 min

Nighttime Nourishing Oil, 6 drops
Apply to face and neck. Perform MarMassage. Follow marma point sequence.

Watch the MarMassage technique video

Step 5

Exfoliation + Steam 
5 min

Bamboo and Date Seed Foaming Exfoliator, 1/4 tsp
Neem and Copper Cream Cleanser, 1/4 tsp
Mix cleanser with exfoliator. Add water to create a paste and apply. Remove with warm towels.

Step 6

Facial Massage
10 min

Gotu Kola & Lotus Body Oil, 1/2 tsp
Essential Oil for Dry Skin, 6 drops

Perform Facial Massage.

Watch the Facial Massage technique video

Step 7

Mask application and removal 18 min

Rose and Lavender Hydrating Mask, 1 tsp
Add water in hand. Apply mask to face and neck. Remove with hot towels.

Step 8

Finshing touches
2 min

Rose and Lemon Tonic Water
Lightly spritz over face and neck.
Chamomile Eye Oil, 1 drop
Apply around the eye area.
Neem and Tamanu Moisturizer, 1/4 tsp
Apply over face and neck.