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Your primary Dosha is Vata

Vata Dosha is responsible for all body movement both voluntary and involuntary. The more vata you have, the more you naturally move about.

Dosha Characteristics


Energetic, enthusiastic, creative, original thinker Over works, fights routine, dreamer, uncertain

Build & Proportions

Slender, small and light boned Irregular proportions, noticeable joints


Talks about dreams, feelings Talks a lot and without deep thinking first


Thin, rare breakout, tans easily Prone to rash, dark circles, wrinkles

What unbalances Vata Dosha?

Not getting enough rest
Eating on the run
Living in cold winter weather
Hurried and don’t have time for myself
Needing deeper relationships

Suggestions to help balance Vata Dosha

Keep warm and cozy
Eat regular, balanced, cooked meals
Warm oil massage or warm bath
Take quiet time for yourself
Drink warm, room temperature drinks only

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