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Your primary Dosha is Kapha

Kapha Dosha is responsible for physical form and lubrication. The more kapha you have, the more substantial and stronger your body form.

Dosha Characteristics


Stable, responsible, generous Possessive, silent, hesitant

Build & Proportions

Graceful, rolling, gentle Cannot be rushed or hurried


Soft, quiet, few words, from heart Silence, lack of appreciation or disapproval


Thick, full, well hydrated Oily, sweats easily, puffiness

What unbalances Kapha Dosha?

Sleeping or sitting home too much
Eating then sleeping immediately
Comfort eating
Living in cold damp climate
Unable to let go of negative feelings

Suggestions to help balance Kapha Dosha

Find a type of exercise you enjoy and do it regularly
Eat foods that are light, warm or dry
Get out, get involved
Dry brush or exfoliate your body daily
Invite excitement

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