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Choosing the right skincare products

Knowing how each dosha manifests itself in the skin is key to analyzing your current skin condition and choosing the appropriate facial treatment. Remember that all 3 doshas are present within us at all times, with one particular dosha predominating at different times. Use our online dosha tool to check your dosha. Each dosha can be associated with a particular skin type, holding true to certain characteristics and conditions:

Vata, associated with a dry skin type, can reveal skin that is:
Excessively dry, dehydrated, chapped, tight, rough, and cool to the touch, prone to fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead. Here is a suggested skincare regimen for vata:
1. Comfrey Cleanser - a daily exfoliating cream cleanser for the face with Comfrey Extract that promotes healing and soothing.
2. Essential Oil for Dry Skin - a blend of Rose Oil and Orange Oil in a carrier blend of Sweet Almond and Sesame Oil absorbs instantly into dry skin helping to smooth and soften skin, fading the appearance of fine lines.
3. Lavender Moisturizer - a rich yet lightweight moisturizer infused with essential oils and botanical extracts designed to soothe and nourish dry and dehydrated skin.

Pitta, associated with a combination skin type, can reveal skin that is:
Normal, sensitive, comfortable/warm to the touch, oily in the T-zone, but dry on the cheeks, subject to premature lines and wrinkles, prone to rashes or redness. A suggested skincare regimen for pitta would include:
1. Sandalwood Cleanser - a gentle exfoliating cream cleanser designed to balance and neutralize combination skin with Sandalwood Oil and calming Cucumber Extract.
2. Essential Oil for Normal/Combination Skin – a stimulating blend of Jasmine Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil controls sebum and purifies the skin for a smooth, radiant finish.
3. Elderflower Moisturizer - formulated with Elderflower, Chamomile Oil and Ginseng Extract, this light moisturizer refreshes and hydrates even the most delicate skin while balancing excess oil production.

Kapha, associated with an oily skin type, can reveal skin that is:
Oily all over, frequently broken-out, prone to large pores, comedones and acne, thick, congested and cool to the touch. A skincare regimen best suited for kapha would include:
1. Lemon Cleanser - a gentle exfoliating facial cleanser designed to cleanse and restore the skin with astringent Lemon and Willow Bark extracts.
2. Essential Oil for Oily Skin - counter-intuitive for people with oily skin, this non-clogging blend of stimulating Peppermint Oil and astringent Rosemary Oil tones and restores radiance to oily skin.
3. Cornflower Oil-Free Hydrator - hydrates oily, acne prone skin. Infused with Cornflower Extract that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, Rosemary extract and oil-absorbing Horse Chestnut Bark Extract.

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