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The Daily Ritual

In the Ayurvedic tradition the consistent care of oneself with diet, exercise, self-massage, meditation and ritual is said to be more powerful than any kind of herbs or medicine. The belief being that the body’s own internal capacity for creating the correct biochemical, hormonal or enzymatic balance is superior to anything we could take from a bottle. For this reason there are a great number of daily self-care rituals and multiple variations described in some detail, the benefits of which are said to be profound.

In Sanskrit the name given to these daily rituals is Dinacharya. Din means 'day' and charya means 'to follow' or 'close to'. The idea here is that by following these various practices we become more in tune and follow the flow of natural rhythms, which in itself brings health. Ayurvedic sages considered Dincharya, daily routine, to be a stronger healing force than any other curative medicine.

Ayurvedic sages tell us that early rising is the single most effective action to be observed in order to maintain good health and longevity. Interestingly, it is the habit of many very successful people. Forty-eight minutes before sunrise is the most auspicious time of day to get out of bed. You can find the exact time of sunrise in your area in the weather section of the newspaper or on the internet. Just know the time changes slowly so a daily adjustment of your alarm clock will be in order if you are to follow this to the letter. Being the early bird allows your body to release waste, which brings immediate calm to the mind- the very best start to the day.

Here are some elements of getting started with the day that you might consider incorporating in your daily routine –
• Clean your mouth and drink water
• Cleansing the nose and eyes
• Oiling the ears
• Exercise of your choice
• Self-massage with warmed oil
• Dress in natural fibers
• Sit quietly for at least five minutes
• Set goals for the day and make your plan

Begin your day and the rest of your life.

Stay well.



Wellness Notes

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