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Office Style For Your Dosha

Each dosha manifests itself in many ways. Here are some fun insights into the preferences by each dosha!

A little of everything with all sorts of collections and inventions would be the mark of a vata office. Expect the creative, high spirited and eclectic and then expect it to change often. The airy vata likes to be on the move and they love to move furniture around too. Relocation no problem! These energetic multi-trackers have to be careful to have some order in their lives and not too much clutter. At times they will need help with this problem but the innovation and inspiration they bring is worth it. Warmth and quiet are needed at times for balance but that might have to wait until they get home because they to keep on the go if they can.

You tend to be a minimalist and have an attraction for simple clean lines and great design. Japanese or Scandinavian would have an appeal. Though the precision of glass and steel furnishing attract you, your heart will feel happier at work if you choose a wooden desk and chair and have at least one healthy plant to remind you of the great outdoors. Pitta thrives on high tech so expect to see the latest and greatest in mobile phones, electronic date books and lap tops. Natural fiber carpets and curtains will smooth that sharp edge. Softer pastel or neutral shades will keep your pitta from getting too uptight but you might need one splash of color to keep you motivated or a beautiful work of art. Remember a place for everything and everything in its place, please.

The kapha in us has a great need to space personally their own. They have a need to nest where ever they are. The kapha office will feel homey, warm comfortable and hospitable. They are lovers of tradition so keep an eye out for that heavy old fountain pen, a hefty hard copy check book and trusty, full, file cabinets. Check out the family photos and rely on them to remember birthdays with a cake and all the fixings. Stronger colors and wild designs keep their energy moving.

Stay well.



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