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Elderflower - A Secret from the Victorian Era

If you had been born a little more than one hundred years ago in England, elderflower water would have been very familiar. It was common to infuse elder leaves to dab on skin to keep off mosquitoes as you went about your work or you may have just tucked a few young branches under your hat as you labored. Your mother might have made an ointment from the leaves as a remedy for bruises, swellings, sprains, chilblains and wounds to sooth redness and swelling. Or, your father might have bathed his eyes with a tea made from the flowers to soothe inflammation caused by dust and dirt from the road. You may have enjoyed an afternoon tea of elderflower cordial served with delicate sponge cake. Whatever your station in life, you were bound to have encountered this miracle from the common hedgerow that has been so much a part of English country life that many still say the English summer is not here until the Elder is fully in flower, and it is not ended until the berries are a plump dark purple and ripe.

Elderflower Water was used by past generations to clean, soften and sooth the skin. Strongly anti-inflammatory it was prized for keeping fair skin fashionably pale, warding off freckles and soothing sunburn, blemishes or redness. This cooling nature would be the reason it was prized for bathing the eyes, a prime site where the extra heat of pitta aggravation settles. Tea made from Elder Flowers has also been recommended as a splendid spring medicine, to be taken every morning before breakfast for some weeks, being considered an excellent blood purifier.

Elder Flower is known to have the following active ingredients - Rutin, isoquercitrin and hyperoside, chlorogenic acid, organic acids and triterpenoids, such as a-amyrin and b-amyrin. This means elder has diuretic, laxative, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Indeed, the elder is a powerful rejuvenative that will awaken dormant beauty and infuse the skin with a fresh, and magical life force.

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