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Maya – The Creative Force

In Sanskrit, "Maya" means illusion. Something appears to be one way, but is really another. Vedanta, the ancient science and philosophy from whence yoga, meditation and Ayurveda spring, suggests that you imagine a dark night in which you think you see a snake, only to find that it was a rope; that is Maya.

While some view Maya as meaning that nothing is real, and turn this into a cold-hearted intellectual practice, others view the illusion of Maya as being Shakti, the feminine creative force of the universe, also known as the feminine face of God.

The world of names and forms is the web of Maya. So Maya Shakti is the force which brings out the evolution of this present world. In this way, the maya of the koshas or layers of our existence - environment, body, mind, and spirit - on this earthly plane is experienced both as unreal and, at the same time, as the beautiful manifestations of the universal oneness: the mystery unfolding we call life.

The traditions around Spring and many other traditions, names and concepts attest to the great age and worldwide distribution of the Spring Goddess Maya, and her influence on all cultures.


Wellness Notes

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