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Amazing benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a traditional ingredient used in Ayurveda. While it solidifies at cooler temperature, it is relatively light in viscosity. It is traditionally used for skin conditions such as skin rashes, burns, sores, etc. The oil is believed to be cooling and is best suited for dominant Pitta dosha.

Coconut oil is absorbed quite readily by the skin and helps improve the texture of the skin. It allows the body to absorb more prana from the atmosphere. Applying coconut oil increases scalp moisture. It is also popular as a sun tan oil.

This oil has been used as a traditional hair care ingredient in India. Women in that part of the world are known for their beautiful thick, long, black hair. There has been a traditional belief in the properties of Coconut Oil to keep hair healthy and provide protection.

Modern researchers have validated these beliefs. They found that Coconut Oil has a unique property that it is only oil which penetrates the hair shaft. This might be caused by the affinity of Coconut Oil to hair protein which results in better protection to the hair.

Applying Coconut Oil pre-wash improves the strength of hair by 16% and is known to reduce protein loss by 28%. Coconut oil decreases the static charge on hair and helps extremely dry and frizzy hair. In the case of bleached hair or hair treated with color, Coconut Oil shows even more dramatic results – application of Coconut Oil resulted in 45% reduction in loss of natural hair protein and halved the volume of hair with split ends!


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