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Yoga for 7 Common Problems

There are many common problems that result from having high stress levels, more sedentary life style or unsuitable work environment which can be helped by yoga. Here are just a few:

Problem – Back Pain: An estimated $80 billion a year is spent treating back pain and 8 out of 10 people will have problems with back pain at some point in their lives. Sitting a lot and in poorly designed office furniture can easily led to back problems.
Solution – Spinal Twists: Frees up muscles in the back and just below the shoulders, promotes digestion, and massages internal organs.

Problem - Carpal Tunnel/Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI): RSI causes as many as 1.8 million injuries per year across the United States, costing industries over $20 billion in annual revenue. Using a keyboard is one of the main causes.
Solution - Downward Facing Dog: Strengthens wrists, stretches back of legs that tighten from sitting, and eases low back pain.

Problem - Obesity: Approximately 58 million Americans, (about one-third) are considered obese. Obesity can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. It contributes to 300,000 deaths yearly. Lack of exercise and poor diet are thought to be the main causes.
Solution - Warrior Pose: Strengthens muscles in arms and legs, tones abdominal organs, and balances body weight.

Problem - Poor Concentration: Long hours in front of the computer derails concentration, which has a direct impact on productivity. The rads from the computer screen also disturb pitta in the eyes making us tired and irritable.
Solution - Tree Pose: Promotes balance and proper breathing and fosters concentration and mental quietude.

Problem - Head Aches: Most headaches arise from muscle tension in the back of the neck that is caused by the forward head position, with rounded shoulders and curved upper back. This is not an uncommon typing posture.
Solution - Bridge Pose: Reverses hunched position of the chest, opens lungs, and brings flexibility to the spinal muscles.

Problem - Poor Posture: Improper sitting and standing posture leads to stiff necks, shoulders hunched forward or pulled tightly back, restricted breathing, and tightness in the thighs, legs, and ankles. Backaches, headaches, and other painful symptoms are often the unfortunate result.
Solution - Mountain Pose: Fosters awareness of correct postural alignment. Tones and activates torso, back, abdomen and pelvis and stretches shoulders, arms, and wrists.

Problem - Low Energy Level: Continuous sitting with few breaks and limited physical activity promotes lethargy, which can effect morale and overall work attitude.
Solution - Spread Feet Pose: Mitigates the strain of continual sitting by opening and stretching hamstrings. Also brings blood to the brain for clearer thinking.

We have simply listed common problems and solutions. If you are working with real pain or chronic tension it is best to find a hands-on teacher.

Stay well.



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