Wellness Notes

The Beauty of Being Well

We are often asked about the meaning of “Beauty of Being Well”. This is a tag-line or slogan that we use and it serves to communicate our philosophy. Here is a brief description of this phrase which encapsulates the SUNDĂRI philosophy.

Being beautiful, first and foremost, means being well. Supple, glowing, unblemished skin is something we all want, because it's the face we present to others. Your face reveals your emotions. Stress and worry can be etched on it, or if you're in love, color will blush your cheeks. So it's no surprise that your health status can easily be read upon your visage. Illness, stress, poor nutrition, even a sedentary lifestyle will sooner or later show up as dull, lifeless skin, acne, or dark circles under the eyes.

When it comes to personal beauty, taking care of your skin—your largest organ and first point of contact with the world—is perhaps the most important daily ritual you perform. This means more than finding the right cream to apply to your face—although that's part of it too. It's a holistic process involving eating right, exercising, and living healthfully. When all these things converge, good health illuminates your face. In treating your skin with love and respect, you reacquaint yourself with your natural being and allow your inner beauty to shine through.

Stay well.



Wellness Notes

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