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What time should I meditate?

When doing any form of meditation, there are always distractions that come up. Some of these come from our environment but a good deal more come from our own body and mind. In truth, even what appears to be distraction from our environment really is a manifestation of our own mind. Until we are able to subdue the wild and chaotic nature of our own mind, the environment we find ourselves in will be wild and chaotic too.

With respect to the environment in which we meditate, all traditions encourage beginners to choose a time and place best suited for the least amount of distraction. Again, this is more about aligning our will to a peaceful and calm state of mind by projecting what in our mind would be a calm and peaceful environment.

An ideal time to meditate would when we can be alone or away from others for a period of time without the phone ringing or the demands of loved ones or other’s needs. This could happen at any time of the day. For example, if you are a morning person and the others of your household are not, morning may be a great time for you to do some meditation. Or maybe you are a night person. Then again, perhaps when your partner or kids leave for the day, the mid-morning or afternoon works best.

Traditionally, early in the morning or late at night are recommended, not only because of the reduction of social distractions, but also because of the movement of the subtle energies of the body at these times allows for a deeper sense of silence.

Stay well.



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