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Summer – the Pitta season

As summer starts off in the northern hemisphere, we wanted to highlight some things for the Pitta amongst us.

To stay in balance as the seasons change, begin to take care to keep the body comfortably cool. If your dominant dosha is Pitta, this is especially important since it is easy to get too much of a good thing and you already run a little hot. The qualities of Pitta align with fire; they are hot, light, intense, penetrating, pungent, sharp, and acidic. To keep the body in balance, limit things with those qualities, such as stimulants and spicy foods, favoring sweet, bitter and astringent foods.

Try to increase cooling foods and drinks, go for some leisure, natural beauty and moderation. Exercise in the early morning or early evening, avoiding excessive heat or exposure to the sun. Never skip meals. Finding quiet and rest in nature is a great way to cool Pittas. Walk in the park, swim in a natural body of water or the ocean or sit and meditate on the grass in the shade.

When in balance, Pitta folks are warm, loving, contented, enjoy challenges, have strong digestion, a lustrous complexion, great concentration, articulate and precise speech, courageous, bold, sharp wit and are highly intelligent!

Pittas, we love your fire of transformation. You make things happen.

Have a great summer!


Wellness Notes

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